OmniTrace provides the foundation of most InComm Product Control services for optimizing retail operations involving pre-sale, point-of-sale, and post-sale events. OmniTrace is the systematic process of capturing and tracking a product by its unique identifier (UID) and transmitting data to the InComm Product Control Cloud. It's a patented system of business methodologies that enables retailers and manufacturers to improve customer service while increasing operational efficiencies and profitability, and deterring crime. OmniTrace utilizes each product's UID (unique identifier) to track and record the product's activity and manages the data foundation to track its eligibility for return, warranty, and other post-sale events. Today, most products' UIDs comprise UPC and serial number. InComm Product Control also supports UIDs based on EAN, IMEI, EPC, GTIN, GS-10, and unique item-level RFID.

When a customer purchases a product certified in the InComm Product Control OmniTrace program, the retail employee scans the UPC just as in any other sale transaction. The system then prompts the employee to scan the UID. In a real-time verification using InComm Product Control's patented 'mask,' the system validates the UID entry before proceeding. As the purchase completes, the item's UID is printed on the consumer receipt. Transactions are time- and date-stamped by the retailer and transmitted to InComm Product Control along with all pertinent transaction information (but omitting any consumer-specific information that might jeopardize the customer's privacy). InComm Product Control processes the transaction logs and manages the data for a variety of future uses by both the retailer and the product's manufacturer. Post-sale web-based services include reporting, authentication, validation for return (ReturnFlex™), and warranty eligibility. Pre-sale OmniTrace touchpoints include product origination, bundling, and logistics (destination retailer, etc.).

Detailed product history and status detail can be available from any mobile, web, retail or other connected touchpoint, including shipping, sales, re-sales, and returns.


Product and transaction detail captured at any touchpoint by unique identifier(s). Comprehensive data management foundation supports InComm Product Control on-demand web services to enable retailer omnichannel strategy, track-and-trace capabilities, customer support, and bottom-line growth.


  • Track comprehensive product lifecycle events
  • Systematic UID capture ensures data integrity and efficiency at retailer POS
  • Pinpoint start date for each product's return and warranty terms
  • UID printed on customer receipt (or packing slip) deters criminal activity


InComm Product Control works with participating retailers to establish configurable protocols that facilitate streamlined UID capture with minimal employee training and impact to POS or fulfillment throughput.