ReturnFlex allows retailers and manufacturers to partner on an impactful and comprehensive returns management solution. For retailers: Employee training, execution consistency and operational processes are improved with reduced costs and systematic prompts. For both: Unwarranted returns and fraud are reduced.

Further, InComm Product Control's patented business methodologies within the ReturnFlex mechanism enable configurable modules for retailers to personalize the consumer return experience to their culture, their initiatives and their ideals.

There is complete support for cross-channel returns, consumer loyalty policy extensions, recalls, refund accuracy (price variations and/or promotions attached), bundled goods and accessories lists, and more.


Configurable, rules-based engine implemented in retailer point-of-sale systems which allows comprehensive returns validation (including cross-channel returns) and maximizes the consumer return experience - while limiting returns and mitigating losses.


  • Reduce unwarranted returns and fraud at retail
  • Track all items returned
  • Gain visibility to 'Aging' of return attempts to help in early issue identification
  • Streamline and improve the consumer return experience


  • Reduce unwarranted returns 10%-50%
  • Facilitate omnichannel consumer returns seamlessly
  • Handle consumer returns even without a receipt